A sleek powerful online booking system customized with your own facilities branding!

Customer & Pet Details

Capture all of the required customer and pet details on signup and allow customers to view and edit their own details.

Digital Booking Waivers

Create contracts that customers sign when creating accounts, you can create a general catch all waiver or individual waivers for each booking type.

Customized Questionnaires

Create your own questionnaires that customers need to fill in, questions can be customer or pet specific!

Online Bookings

Customers can see real-time availability, submit booking requests, and cancel bookings.

Easy Setup Get started in 30 minutes

Once setup and integrated into your website and FaceBook pages, your customers will have a streamlined online booking experience.

Customer Registration

New customers can create an account on your new booking platform, they can also sign digital booking waivers, and fill in Q&A's.

Real-Time Availability & Online Bookings

Once registered or signed-in customers can see real-time availability (or you can choose to hide availability to increase FOMO!) and submit booking requests.

Booking Notifications

Once a booking has been placed you and your staff will get instant notification of the booking request.

Additional Features

Upcoming & Unpaid Bookings

Customers can see all of their upcoming and unpaid bookings from their own dashboard.

Upload Documents

Customers can upload documents such as vaccination certificates, insurance documentation, booking & vet waivers to their accounts and to their pet's profiles.

View Supplementary Information

As well as their own personal and pet information, customers can provide veterinary information, emergency contact information, and details of who can pick up their pets.

Pet Profiles

Customers can view and edit all of their pet's information, including color, sex, date of birth, identification information, feeding instructions, medication information, pet's picture, and vaccination information.


Customers can view and edit their answers to the additional information that you require customers to provide either regarding their bookings, their own profile or that of their pets.

Online Payments

Optionally require customers to save a credit or debit card to their file, so that you can charge their cards for no shows, or for expedited checkout so you can checkout and charge the customer with one click.

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