Grooming Features

Powerful features to make running your Grooming business a breeze

  • Flexible Slot Based Bookings
  • Add Discounts to Bookings
  • Grooming Services Menu
  • Assign Groomers and Set Commission Rates
  • Automatically send booking confirmation emails and receipts
  • Create Services and Packages
  • Product Sales
  • Online Bookings & Digital Waivers
  • Grooming Calendar in various formats
  • Optionally send SMS when pet is ready for pick-up

The features you need to run your business

From letting your customers book online, to automated SMS reminders, streamlined checkin and checkout processes and automated email receipts we have the features to save you hours of needless administrative tasks each week.

  • Bookings

  • Setting Pricing/Rates

  • Additional Services and Products

  • Integrations


Calendar View

See all of you bookings in a simple to view calendar. You can also optionally color code your groomers.

Bookings Slots

Create grooming slots for your grooming staff so customers can quicly and easily book online.

Email Automation

Create customised email templates and automate your communications to your customer! From booking acknowledgements, booking confirmations, email receipts, and marketing emails. You will no longer have to compose and send emails to each and every customer.


With our optional SMS feature, can let customers know when there pet is ready to pick up post groom.


Pricing Options

Every pet is different and can require more time to grooming then other similar breeds, so we let you set the price of Grooming bookings one of two ways;

Manually - you set or update the price depending on what level of time and care are required.


List Pricing - Create a menu of Grooming prices; Full Groom (Large Dog) $80, Full Groom (Medium Dog) $60, Full Groom (Small Dog) $60 etc...

Grooming Menu

Create a list of services with set prices that your customers can add to their bookings e.g. Grooming Bookings by weight/size, Nail Clipping, Ear Cleaning etc.
You can also set group services into package for sale at a discounted rate e.g. VIP Package of a Full Grooming, Nail Clipping and Ear Cleaning.


With KennelBooker you can assign discounts to bookings, by either using a percentage based discount e.g. 10% or by deducting a set amount e.g. $10
Discounts on grooming bookings can be applied to the main grooming only or optionally to any additional services added to the booking.


Additional Services

KennelBooker also lets you add additional services that you add to your bookings such as; Nail Clipping, baths, teeth brushing etc you and your customers can easily add them to bookings.

You can also mark services with a Price TBC flag so customers booking online don't set the price - if you need to confirm pricing when seeing the pet, e.g. Dematting.

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Product Sales

Products such as Food, Clothing and Toys can be added to KennelBooker and added to bookings or they can be sold as standalone transaction.

KennelBooker also supports inventory management and stock control, you can also upload images of products to the system.

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Barcode Scanner & Cash Drawer

Serious about selling products?, You can hook up a barcode scanner, cash drawer and thermal receipt printer to your KennelBooker software.

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QuickBooks Integration

Send your paid and unpaid invoices over to your QuickBooks online account, with a click of a button.

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Xero Integration

Send your paid and unpaid invoices over to your QuickBooks online account, with a click of a button.

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Google & iCal Integrations

Connect your Google and iCal Calendars directly to your booking calendar so you never miss an appointment again.



Easily create and link your Stripe account to KennelBooker, which allows you to accept online payments and request payment deposits from your customers.

Grooming Slot and Booking Demo

In this demo we will show you how to add grooming slots, create a booking, and finally check it in and out.

phone image

Recurring Grooming Bookings

Have customers book in every 12 weeks for instance?

Save yourself hours of tedious data entry by adding all of their bookings in one go!

Our system will check your availability for each of the requested days automatically, so you don't become overbooked!

Your customer will then receive an automatic booking confirmation email listing all of their future booking dates.